Student Performance Based on Activity Log on Social Network and e-Learning

Agusriandi, Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang, Sony Hartono Wijaya


Learning activities in social networks and e-learning platforms bring massive activity log in the database, making it challenging to measure students’ performance. Data mining technique and social network analysis provide some benefits in the field of education in discovering knowledge from hidden information of student’s activities on e-learning and social network environment. This study aims to identify dominant students on social network group based on centrality values and to analyze log data from the activities on e-learning using process mining technique. Centrality value was measured by analyzing data quality or data pre-processing, creating the network, measuring the network, and highlighting degrees and layouts. The process mining technique included data pre-processing, discovering process, and conformance checking. This study found that dominant students were identified from a high hub score and authority. This study also found a free-rider student. The presence of dominant students and free-riders made the collaboration of social network group are weak. This study also found that student performance on e-learning has been discovered where the student’s activity, namely, the course module viewed and course viewed, were more frequent than other activities. On the other hand, an optimum fitness value was obtained, i.e., 0.94 on all the processes of e-learning. This study provides insights that can be used to improve student collaboration and to enhance online learning activities.

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